sometimes life happens


sometimes life happens

I tend to forget that the quiet stuff has to be sandwiched in amongst the chaos in order for it to be so blissfully quiet.


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I should update this more often! Like ever.

14 weeks of baby today and this weekend the baby “&” will become a properly public baby! I am either looking forward to this so that I have to stop “watching my language” and stop finding BS reasons as to why I have not tried the latest nifty craft beers (“ummm… I just haven’t gotten around to it… yeah….”) or I am NOT looking forward to this because I am barely dealing with the general “we’re so happy for you that you’re getting married!” exuberance. But I will stand strong!

It will be funny to call my parents on Friday and say, “You know how on Monday I was talking to you about how I might have a baby someday? How does September sound to you?”

Also I should probably put the other arm and a collar on that baby sweater I’m knitting for forever (getting distracted!), otherwise & will just have to live with some sort of alternative fashion wherein one-armed vestsweaters are a thing.

babymaking: hunger games edition

6.5 weeks or so and my biggest symptom is hunger.

Lots of hunger.


Greg won’t let me name the baby Audrey II.

I’ve had to take a break from fencing because of this neverending hunger. Every time I get a little bit into it, I get really really hungry and weird feeling because my blood sugar has dropped and I need all the food. I’m going to try tonight to do a little bit of Fight Night sparring which should work out because I can take breaks to stuff my face whenever I want.

It also seems that in the past few days the absolute hunger has been replaced by a tiny bit of queasyness. It’s not bad enough to call it nausea, and it’s definitely not enough to break my 8+ year record of not having vomited at all, but it’s there and its solution is the same as the solution to hunger, that is… EAT STUFF.

best. birthday. present. ever.

Two weekends ago we took a weekend trip to Seattle for my birthday on the 12. We stayed near Pike Place, wandered the market and city on foot and ate some VERY tasty food. (If you’re ever offered scallops cooked in pork fat, say YES!)

I lifted my personal ban on tea buying and got some lovely herbal teas from a clever little shop in the market where I was allowed to pull the giant jars down from the shelf one at a time and sniff to find the ones I liked best. Greg sighed at all the meat and seafood he wasn’t able to purchase and take across the border but found himself some smoked salt and mint hot chocolate.




letterpress goodies

My birthday present from Greg was a set of lessons on glassworking at a local glass studio, I can’t wait to try this again… so excited.

But the best thing I got? The most very best news that arrived on my birthday?




Due sometime around the 23-26th of September. Yep.